We kindly request that you familiarize yourself with our process and FAQ before submitting an inquiry form. It is essential that you have a thorough understanding of our procedures and protocols and are comfortable adhering to our requirements. If you meet these criteria and believe your business aligns with us, we invite you to contact us and provide us with information about your business financing needs.

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What Is Your Call Policy?

We appreciate your interest in our lending services. We are eager to speak with you about your project, however, we need to review your initial project documents first to determine our level of interest, and able to have an informed conversation during our call.

We only schedule a call after we have reviewed your preliminary documents. This is non-negotiable. We will analyze and pre-screen all projects upon receiving the documents.

Our protocol requires a preliminary document review before scheduling a call. This is an essential step that we cannot negotiate. We conduct a thorough analysis and pre-screening of all projects upon receiving the documents.

Upon careful review of the materials, we will assess if we can work on the files or provide project financing assistance. If the project satisfies our lender's standards, we will reach out to you to move forward with the application process. However, if it fails to meet the criteria, we will inform you of our decision to decline the project. The review process usually takes about 2-3 business days, depending on our current workload.

To ensure uniformity, we require the following preliminary documents:
  • Executive Summary
  • Business Plan with an Exit Strategy
  • 5-10 years of Financial Projections in Excel format
  •  Management Resume/Sponsor's Background
  •  Project Development Construction Budget (if applicable).
  • Additionally, please provide any other information or documentation that would benefit your application.
Kindly be informed that our lenders have rigorous funding policies that require strict adherence to their stipulated requirements. We highly advise that you dedicate ample time to creating an outstanding project business plan that meets the lender's expectations, as well as our. Please note that substandard or indequate documents will not be accepted.

Our lenders employ a distinct platform that operates under established procesdures and protocols that cannot be modified. Those who comply with these guidelines will find the process effortless, while those who attempt to customize the procedures may find more suitable platform elsewhere.

We value your interest in our lending services and excited about the prospect of collaborating with you.