Frequently Asked Questions

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We can work with projects around the globe and with US-friendly countries. That said, U.S. projects are preferred (we will give priority to the U.S. and U.S. International Projects - faster to close). We can fund in places like the U.S., Canada, UK, SE Asia, Germany, France, Ireland, Austria, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Luxembourg, Singapore, Malaysia (case-by-case), Thailand, (case-by-case), Poland, Sweden, etc. (Any other premium investment-grade countries).Please note, currently, in Africa, we do not fund as it is impossible at this point and time. Also, if there are U.S. or International Sanctions, Venezuela, North Korea, Nigeria, Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan, Tanzania, Belarus, etc.

We work with projects greater than $50 million and up to $5 billion (higher is case-by-case).

Ideally, to qualify for our project financing program, we prefer those project sponsors have at least 20% capital that they already invested/spent into the projects. Or 20% capital that the project sponsor has and is readily available to put into the projects. If the project sponsor does not have the 20%, our lenders/investors may provide 100% financing under certain conditions (e.g., equity participation and other conditions). If the project owner wants 100% financing, then the investors/lenders required the project owner to give up 50% of their equity in the project, and the lenders/investors also will have seats on the Board.

We are looking for projects to fund such as Solar, Wind, Biofuel, Biomass, Geothermal, Hydro Power, Energy Storage, Oil and Gas Project Funding, Natural Gas, Carbon Emission Control Projects, Environmental Social and Governance Projects, LNG Projects, Sustainable Real Estate, Hospitality, Water Production and Conservation, Telecommunications, and Infrastructure. We will entertain other industries on a case-by-case basis.

No. We don’t charge any upfront, retainer, or engagement fees, but we charge a small success fee for our work to find lenders. Our fees are between 1% – 3% for arranging debt and 5% for equity financing. Our partner(s) may charge fees that are separate from the Hakim Saya fee. Please note that when it comes to project financing, our lender(s) is non-bank (e.g., institutional funds, family offices, etc.). They provide alternative capital in the non-bank project finance market. Thus, it is customary for a debt finance project companies will be expected to bear the cost of all due diligence including (but not limited to) professional reports, legal, and structuring work. The project sponsor/owner/promoter must have the capacity to pay for the project financing structuring costs. There are no upfront fees, but "if the project is approved for funding" project financing structuring costs may exist in the same manner as required by any reliable bank and non-bank lender. These structuring costs may vary, reduced or inexistent depending on the project complexity and the credit risks of the project and they are "only applicable if the project is approved."There is no cost associated with the issuance of a term sheet or offer and please be advised that this will not be issued unless the project has strong merits for consideration.

We are not a direct lender. We partnered with Private Family Offices, Commercial, Conventional Retail, Private Wholesale, Private Equity Firms, Banks, Alternative and Non-Bank lenders, etc. to meet our client’s financing needs. We are a Business Finance Consulting Firm and a licensed financed broker with the licensed number 60DBO-118241 in compliance with the California Financing Law. We provide funding for more robust transactions that fail to qualify for traditional bank financing. With our funding outlets, we have products providing the necessary funding for projects. Our Lenders/Investors may provide 100% financing under certain conditions, such as equity participation and other requirements. All loans are subject to the funder’s eligibility requirements, underwriting guidelines, other terms and conditions, and approval. Each lender requires specific supporting documentation with each new application.

We offer Business Expansion & Asia Market Entry, and Startup Services, and Business Coaching.

We will work on finding you suitable lenders to arrange your commercial loans. We typically earn a success fee at closing of 1% - 3% on the funded amount, determined primarily by the loan size, industry, geographical area, type of transactions, and other factors. Our fee agreement is apparent where we will outline the terms and conditions of our services. No fee is due to Hakim Saya unless clients successfully receive funding or consummate relationships with the lenders we introduced.

We want to work with action-oriented clients. We want to work with clients with an excellent viable project and management team who are serious about the process. That means clients give us a timely response by providing the documentation and engaging us in an attempt to secure funding for their projects. So, help us so that we help you in procuring your financing needs.