Our Process

We want to work only with action-oriented clients. That means clients who will give us a timely response by providing the documentation and engaging us to secure funding for their projects or to find the right services providers.

Consultation, Assessment, and Information Gathering

  • Please contact us so that we can understand your business situation and opportunity.
  • We will contact you either via email or phone call to validate your servicing requirements.
  • We'll assess your business situation and provide solutions that match your business needs.
  • If clients are interested in engaging our services, we will then sign an NDA  and Professional Services Agreement. We can't work on your files if there is no agreement in place.
People with papers on tablePeople with papers on table
People shaking handsPeople shaking hands

Matchmaking With The Right Services Providers or Lenders

  • Depending on your service request, we'll match you with the right service providers. Or if you need access to capital, we will work on finding you the suitable lenders to arrange your commercial loans. 
  • Based on our assessment of your business needs, we will schedule an introductory call with you to confirm budgets, establish timelines and requirements (e.g., access to financing; Lenders may have specific needs). We will set the right expectation from day one.
  • Before we can start working on your files, you will need to sign an NDA and Professional Services Agreement with us.


  •  There is no upfront fee. Not a penny.
  • Our Fee Agreement is apparent where we will spell out the terms and conditions of our services. It is essential to note that no fee shall be due to consultants unless clients successfully receive funding from the lenders/service providers that we introduced.
  • We typically earn a success fee at closing of 1% to 3% on the funded amount, determined primarily by the loan size, type of transaction, and other factors.
  • Payment shall be paid directly or paid through ​escrow at the close upon transfer of funds. The payment method shall have no differing impact on the client, and we will give specific instructions on the payment method.
People with laptop and calculator at tablePeople with laptop and calculator at table
Note: We Only Work with Serious Action-Oriented Clients.
​​Since we don't charge a retainer or upfront fee, we want to work only with action-oriented clients. That is clients that give us a timely response by providing the documentation and engaging us in an attempt to secure funding for their business. So help us so that we can help you in procuring your financing needs.