To foster and leverage international collaboration between Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Small-Medium Enterprises(SMEs) to navigate the complexities of doing business globally. 

We also aim to assist companies that have needs for business financing domestically and internationally. 

The goal for Hakim Saya is to be a single-point-of-contact and one-stop-shop for SMEs, Entrepreneurs, and Startups to gain Access To Capital, and for organizations to enter the US market, and for US firms to expand in Asia. 



We Work With Various Services Providers and Lenders

  • We are well entrenched in the community, and we work with various services providers and lenders to meet our client's business needs, and we have a successful track record of success in business.

Experienced Business Consultants

  • Our consultants will assess your business situation, and we advise on Access To Capital, Asia Market Entry, etc. We have the knowledge, network, and capabilities to help you with your business financing needs, how to get into Asia Market and Expand Your Business in Asia. 



We Have A Vast Network, Experience, Knowledge, and Capabilities

  • We have strong ties in Asia, and particularly in the SEA region. We lay the foundations for your low risk, high return entry into the Asian market, and we do both inbound and outbound (the USA to Asia and Asia to the USA).

  • We utilize our national and international network of direct lenders to provide financing options and solutions that meet our client's specific needs. We can help get things done and done right the first time.

High-Quality Services Providers and Lenders.

  • We have a vast network to connect you with the right people and organization. We provide high-quality service providers and lenders to serve our clients.

  • We partnered with Commercial, Conventional, Retail, Private Wholesale, Investment Banks, Hedge Fund, Alternative Lenders, Sovereign Wealth Fund, and Non-Bank Lenders to meet our client's financing needs.

(3) No Upfront Or Retainer Fees

  • Our Fee Agreement is clear, and clients will know exactly how much they have to pay to engage our services. We never like to overpromise and underdeliver. Please note that no fee shall be due to consultants unless clients successfully receive funding.

  • Though we don't charge any upfront or retainer fees, we do charge a small consulting fee/success fee for our work to find lenders when arranging commercial loans, and we are rewarded with a small percent of the loaned amount. For other services such as Asia Market Entry and Business Expansion, there will be a fee charged by the 3rd party service providers, and Hakim Saya will also charge fees at a negotiated rate.

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