The Global Chamber APEC 2023

Navigating the Future Together: An Interconnected and Inclusive Asia-Pacific: A discussion with the Consul General from the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

I'm deeply grateful to all speakers, attendees, and the organizing committee of the Global Chamber San Francisco 
and the Global Chamber for making the "The Global Chamber APEC 2023: Navigating the Future Together " event a resounding success. Special thanks to our sponsors, Globalization Partners (G-P) and Dynamico Space. Your engagement and insights have undeniably enriched the discourse, fostering a culture of collaboration and global education.

The panel discussions elucidated vital takeaways that echo the essence of global entrepreneurship and partnership. From emphasizing the necessity of continuous communication, collaboration, and connection on a global scale to underscoring the boundless nature of entrepreneurial expansion, the dialogues were enlightening. The notion of reaching out for assistance, the power of collective efforts towards common goals, and the myriad of opportunities awaiting in Malaysia, The Philippines, and Vietnam were key highlights that resonated with us. 

Special appreciation is extended to our generous sponsors, Globalization Partners (G-P) and Dynamico Space, whose support played a pivotal role in the event's success.

We are particularly grateful to the Consul General of Malaysia, Mrs. Anil Adenan, Consul General of the Philippines, Mr. Neil Frank, R. Ferrer, Consul General of Vietnam, and Ambassador Hoang Anh Tuan. Your expertise significantly elevated the discourse, seeding knowledge and collaborative endeavor among us. The stimulating discussions provided a platform for the audience to glean insights and nurture a global mindset.

Our heartfelt thanks also go to Dr. Lieza Marie Danan, CEO of LiVeritas Biosciences, and Mr. Tan, CEO of Oryx Advanced Materials, for representing the corporate sector and sharing your invaluable insights and wisdom.  

To every attendee, your active participation transcended mere seat-filling. Your engagement, sharing, and contribution to the collective wisdom were the catalyst to the event's success. We are thankful for the time and energy you invested in making this gathering fruitful and enlightening.

Lastly, our profound gratitude to the Global Chamber San Francisco organizing committee, whose unwavering dedication and meticulous efforts were the linchpin of last night's event. Special acknowledgment to Mr. Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber; Ms. Lanie Denslow, Principal of World Wise Cultural Training & Resources, Ms. Angela Dunz, CEO of Linkedin Badass, and Ms. Donaji Mostes Estrada, CEO of Intechnational. Your commitment not only orchestrated a seamless event but also set a benchmark of excellence. 

We look forward to fostering the seeds of global cooperation and partnership sown during the event and to many more insightful discussions in the future. 

Thank you,

Murat Wahab
Founder and Principal of Hakim Saya
San Francisco Advisory Board Member and Planning Chair Committee of the Global Chamber APEC 2023.