Hakim Saya Has Been Recognized As One Of San Francisco, CA's Top 15 Consulting Startups.

It is an honor and privilege to be recognized as one of the top 15 consulting startups in San Francisco for driving business growth and innovation by Venture News, a media outlet dedicated to showcasing the most innovative and promising startups in the United States and driving inbound investment.

Hakim Saya is dedicated to transforming industries and facilitating growth by offering access to financing for both domestic and international companies. The firm aims to provide unique and creative solutions to address the challenges faced by various stakeholders such as founders, entrepreneurs, business owners, project owners, sponsors, developers, and builders. These challenges include a lack of access to capital due to banks’ strict lending parameters, resulting in most banks rejecting eight out of ten funding requests.

Additionally, entrepreneurs often face a lack of time to navigate the complex lending solutions available to them. Finally, securing project financing for ground-up construction can be difficult due to the lack of cash equity required to complete the projects. Discover how Hakim Saya can help you overcome financial challenges and unlock new opportunities for your business. Visit www.hakimsaya.com or email us at info@hakimsaya.com to embark on a journey toward success together.