Green Energy Project Financing

We have access to the funds you need to get your project funded. We have partnered with lenders that specialize in project financing. 

What Is Project Financing?

Project financing refers to the funding of long-term infrastructure, industrial projects, and public services through non-recourse or limited recourse financial structures. The financing is paid back from the cash flow generated by the project, and the primary advantage of project financing is that it provides off-balance-sheet funding, which doesn't affect the shareholders' credit or the government contracting authority. Project financing involves borrowing funds from lenders, who take on some of the project's risks in exchange for higher margins.

Hakim Saya offers project financing for green energy projects through a partnership with a US-based Private Equity firm. They are interested in premium-grade projects such as Solar, Wind, Biofuel, Biomass, Geothermal, Hydro Power, Energy Storage, Oil and Gas Project Funding, Natural Gas, Carbon Emission Control Projects, Environmental Social and Governance Projects, LNG Projects, Sustainable Real Estate, Hospitality, Water Production, and Conversation, Telecommunications, and Infrastructure. They can fund projects ranging from USD100 million up to USD5 billion.

The borrower/sponsor needs to develop a compelling and well-written project business plan to convince the lenders/funders to provide financing for their projects. Hakim Saya charges no upfront fees, but a success fee of 2%-3% of the total gross loan amount for arranging the project debt financing loan.

The project must be shovel-ready, and the borrower/sponsor must provide an executive summary, detailed business plan, management resume, financial statements, off-take agreements, and approved contractor project proposal.

Hakim Saya differentiates itself from competitors by partnering with a US-based Private Equity firm to procure project financing through legitimate and exclusive lenders for premium projects. They can deliver funding for robust transactions that fail to qualify for traditional bank financing, and their Private Equity Firm lender offers 100% financing with certain conditions.

If you have a project that fits their criteria, you can contact Hakim Saya to arrange a call to discuss your project.