Supply Chain Solutions

Through our partnership with Above The Standard (ATS), we can provide and serve organizations of all sizes in many industries and globally to be more profitable.
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We have partnered with Above The Standard (ATS), a global leader in holistic supply chain solutions. 

ATS partners with clients by utilizing procurement outsourcing and other business management. As an independent affiliate of ATS, we are authorized to market and refer ATS products and services to our clients. 
Through our partnership with ATS, we can provide and serve organizations of all sizes in many industries and globally to be more profitable and be the best in class by increasing profits, improving costs, and enabling growth. 
  • Business Growth Solutions: AI Sales, AI Marketing, AI Engagement, and AI Tech Solutions.
  • Profit Solutions: Strategy, Team, and Efficiency Allocation Solutions.
  • Cost Reduction Solutions: Cost Reduction and Procurement Solutions.

What Are Holistic Procurement Supply Chain Solutions?

We recognize that your business is not made of a single project. Each project must be integrated into your company's overall strategic objectives to meet your unique business needs. We make sure the right vendors compete to provide the goods and services you currently buy. We then act as your advocate to protect your interests and ensure you pay the lowest possible prices!

We help companies like yours by:
  • Reducing your Costs
  • Increasing your Revenue
  • Improving your Bottom Line
Here is our approach:
 We will assess "The Problem." We understand that businesses pay too much for their critical supply chain needs and the goods and services they depend on.

 We will find "The Solution," where we would like to offer you an innovative Cost Reduction Program that can reduce the amount of time and money spent on goods and services without sacrificing the quality, reliability, delivery, and service you depend on.

How Does It Work?

  • We will implement a no-cost assessment of your current needs and determine what projects and vendors to focus on.
  • At no cost to you, we will begin a bidding process with the targeted projects and vendors.
  • The contract winner is selected, new pricing is implemented, and we are paid a percentage of the savings. 
  • Our preferred supplier network of 500+ vendors and our team of experienced procurement experts bring more than 30+ years of procurement experience and a proven track record of delivering savings in the billions of dollars to our clients.
  • Our experience is across a broad spectrum of companies, non-profits, and government agencies, over a wide array of industries.
This process will substantially reduce your products and services' costs without sacrificing the quality and service you depend on. Most importantly, the result is sustainable. 

We can save your company money on virtually any good  or service you buy in 200+ categories, including:
  • Raw Materials
  • Fuel, Renewable Energy, Utilities
  • Credit Card Processing and Merchant Fees
  • HR Outsourcing, Insurance, and Risk Management
  • Printing, Copiers, Toner, and Office Supplies
  • Shipping/Logistics, Packaging, and Vehicle Fleets
  • Construction Equipment, Asphalt, and Landscaping
  • Software & Hardware Maintenance Agreements 
  • Cloud Computing, Facility & Lease Agreements
  • Financial Services, AR/AP, Billing, and Collections
  • And much more

Why Work With Us?

  • ATS has a proven track record with 30+ years of history.
  • 28%+ overall average savings, performance-based, for engaged clients.
  • Tens of Billions of Dollars profit results for small to large organizations.
  • We work in more than 1,000 areas, through our NO COST Assessment Cost Reduction Solutions, for those products and services where there is enough speed.
  • ATS has a phenomenal client list, stories, and case study outcomes.
  • 1000's of global affiliates, partners, and experts.

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