Hakim Saya (Global Navigation) and Teeb TV signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Hakim Saya (Global Navigation) is pleased to announce that we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Teeb TV to bridge startups in media, broadcasting, blockchain, and streaming. The Founder and CEO of Hakim Saya (Global Navigation), Mr. Murat Wahab, MBA, believes that Teeb TV has a very unique and niche proposition for the global markets.

In 2018 the TV's Page Views (PV) of Teeb TV has reached over 5 million viewership, and Teeb TV main viewers are from the United States of America."Teeb TV is in a considerable unique position in bringing its business model to a bigger audience. Its value proposition is rather fresh, and it's within our interest to bridge, connect, link, and bring Teeb TV to the greater heights," said Murat Wahab, MBA, the Founder and CEO of Hakim Saya (Global Navigation).

Azuan Muda, the Co-Founder of Teeb TV, believe that the partnership solidified Teeb TV's distribution strategy. In the statement, he said, "This is about time for Teeb TV to move to the next level. San Francisco has the right balance of the startup ecosystem and is the second-largest film market in the United States of America. It would be exciting to see how far it could go."

We, at Hakim Saya (Global Navigation), look forward to working with Teeb TV.

Azuan Muda, Co-Founder, Teeb TV and Murat Wahab, Founder & CEO, Hakim Saya (Global Navigation)

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