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An unprecedented time

We are living in the most challenging of times with shelter-in-place orders, social distancing, and an existential threat being posed to many businesses. Especially vulnerable are small businesses that have previously relied only on foot traffic. The good news is that our interconnectedness via the worldwide web holds promise to help us weather this time better than in the past when confronted with global challenges. I recall previous bad times such as the Asian financial crisis of 1997, the attacks of September 11, 2001, and the 2008 global financial downturn.

Now in 2020, we not only face financial challenges, but also must rely more than ever on being digitally connected. We must do so to keep the wheels of the world turning, and to keep us safe. As individuals, we can connect via social media, texting, and voice over IP. The digital world unites us.

Giving business the best chance to survive and prosper

For businesses, especially small businesses, the key to maintaining sales and service is a vibrant, appealing, and easily navigated website. Economic challenges have led to many “brick and mortar” establishments to close shop. With skyrocketing rents and escalating overhead costs, sadly it is common for businesses to struggle even during “normal” times. Now, a website that brings your customer to you is absolutely critical. Also, the costs of such engagement are miniscule compared to those of a traditional storefront.

The power of a website

Once the URL is clicked, the visitor will be taken to your website. The domain name can comprise the name of the business or the service provided or even an individual name. An appealing domain name instills confidence and respect and helps narrow one’s online search. The domain invites your guest into your realm.

Many professionals – yourself included – may ask “Is a website really needed?” I emphatically say “Yes!” A website is akin to an advertisement. It is a virtual reception room. A well-made website is half the battle won. One can also think of it as a virtual business card, but offering much, much more.

What should a website showcase?

Your website reflects your company, you, the services provided, and should feature a gallery of imagines of past successes. It may well include a blog where you keep visitors up-date-date and of course a section informing the visitor how to contact you.

Please bear in mind that a successful website must be easily navigable and devoid of clutter, providing enough information to pique the viewer’s interests. Engagement with your customer or client can continue from there via the communication channel of your choice, such as direct messaging, online chat, email or phone as you wish.

Launching soon!

Hakim Saya is excited to soon launch a service to help the small business owner easily realize a successful website to underpin the sale of goods or services. The finishing touches are happening now, after many months of development. The service will be simple and straightforward and will manage all aspects so that implementation is easy, especially for those businesses who have not had a website before. Stay tuned, and best wishes to you for health and success.


Murat Wahab

Founder & Principal

Hakim Saya

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