In the burgeoning landscape of innovation that defines San Francisco's vibrant startup scene, Hakim Saya: Your Global Funding Partner has emerged as a beacon of excellence. In early 2023, amidst the city's fiercely competitive milieu, Venture News recognized Hakim Saya: Your Global Funding Partner's consultancy as a top-tier influencer in business growth and pioneering innovation. This honor not only underscores the company's unwavering commitment to excellence but also reflects a steadfast vision that propels the American entrepreneurial spirit forward, igniting investment interest nationwide.

As the year drew to a close, a profound acknowledgment from BritishPedia Media Group further distinguished Hakim Saya: Your Global Funding Partner's contribution to global business and community. With great humility, Mr. Murat Wahab, Founder and Principal of Hakim Saya: Your Global Funding Partner, received the honor of being featured in the 5th volume of their esteemed publication, "Successful People in Malaysia," a compendium that chronicles the lives of individuals who have shaped the nation's destiny. Published by the esteemed BritishPedia Media Group, which has roots in the prestigious British Publishing House Limited, this work spans across continents, sharing the stories of those who have left indelible marks in various sectors.

The narrative woven within the pages of BritishPedia aligns the stars of Malaysia's past and present---icons like Anwar Ibrahim, the revered Prime Minister, the esteemed former leader Tun Mahathir Mohamad, and the visionary Tony Fernandes of Air Asia. To stand in such an august company alongside Tengku Zafrul Aziz, the esteemed Minister of Investment, Trade, and Industry, is a distinction that fills Mr. Wahab with both pride and gratitude.

Mr. Wahab stands in this moment, profoundly moved by the collective support that bolstered Mr. Wahab's journey. While it would be impossible to enumerate the names of all those who have been pillars of support, know that your contributions are etched in Mr. Wahab's heart, and for that, he is eternally grateful.

This accolade, while a testament to professional achievement, holds a deeper resonance for Mr. Wahab. It is imbued with the memory of a brilliant young life, his beloved nephew Hakim, to whom he owes the inspiration for his company's name and mission. His untimely departure from this world at the tender age of sixteen left a void no accolade can fill.

Yet, in his memory, Mr. Wahab strives onward, seeking to honor his legacy with each step forward. With a laden with love and eyes toward the heavens, Mr. Wahab dedicates this recognition to his cherished memory. Mr. Wahab said, "Always on my mind, forever in my heart," he prayed for his gentle soul to find eternal peace and a sanctified place in Jannah.

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