International Financing

International Project Financing and Commercial Loans are a few of Hakim Saya’s specialties. We provide funding for more robust transactions that fail to qualify for traditional bank financing.


Embark on a journey of global business expansion and unlock the potential of international trade with us. Whether you're pioneering new projects, seeking dynamic funding solutions, or aiming to broaden your horizons with direct investments across a diverse range of industries in the U.S., we're here to guide your venture to success.

If your operations span across the vibrant landscapes of Mexico or you represent a forward-thinking financial institution in Latin America and the Caribbean in pursuit of comprehensive, long-term financing solutions, we're your ideal partner. Let's connect and explore how we can elevate your business together. Reach out to us today and take the first step towards transforming your aspirations into reality.

At Hakim Saya: Your Global Funding Partner, we are experts in the field of international financing, offering a range of services, including Project Financing, Long-Term Loan Financing Solutions, and Invoice Financing/Invoice Factoring. We recognize the complexities and challenges of securing financing and are dedicated to providing lending solutions tailored for significant transactions that may not qualify for traditional bank financing.

It is important for potential clients to understand that our network of lenders does not support all types of international financing. Specifically, our services are not available for transactions involving countries under international sanctions imposed by the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Canada. We encourage you to contact us to verify the availability of the specific financing solutions you require.

For international financing, we offer three programs through our exclusive lenders:

1) Project Financing: We offer a variety of international financing options, including Project Financing outside the USA with a minimum funding request of USD/EURO/GBP 5 million (depending on the lender's criteria), preferably USD/EURO/GBP 100 million or higher for all phases. Additionally, all lenders require the borrower, project owner, or sponsor to have skin in the game, which means actual cash equity of at least 20% of the Total Project Cost. Deals with no equity are considered too speculative, and deals with higher borrower equity are typically more likely to be approved by lenders.

2) Long-Term Loan Solutions: We have partnered with a Private Direct Lender based in the United States. Together, we are offering four distinct programs designed specifically for companies in search of Long-Term Financing Options for their businesses. This strategic partnership aims to provide tailored financial solutions that meet the diverse needs of our global clientele, ensuring your business has the support it needs to thrive and expand. Long-Term Loan Solutions starts at USD 5 million and up to USD 15 million, and it varies between programs.

3) Invoice Financing/Invoice Factoring: We also offer Invoice Financing/Invoice Factoring ranging from USD 10K to USD 10 million. We have partnered with the largest and fastest-growing online platform lender for financing SMEs engaged in international trade. The lender's online trade finance platform covers 74 countries. The lender we work with is at the forefront of providing support for international trade through invoice financing.

When you need cash, why not convert your invoices into money on the online platform? The lender can do it online in 48 hours - much faster than any banks or insurance companies. To start financing, simply get your contract with the lender and the Buyer's notification signed. If the Buyer does not pay on time, you don't have to pay any money back to the lender. The lender will take the risk of non-payment. 
Our financing process is straightforward and seamless for those who follow our instructions and steps. We are here to assist with your business financing needs, and to provide guidance and support. We have excellent working relationship with our lenders in our network.

However, those attempting to customize our steps or alter our documents and processes to fit their own preferences should note that our services may not be suitable for them. Our lenders are subject to strict compliance requirements and are not permitted to deviate from their agreed-upon guidelines or regulatory requirements.