International Financing

When it comes to International Project Financing, International Business Financing, and International commercial loans are a few of Hakim Saya’s specialties!
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Are you an international commercial business, project developer, sponsor, or project owner looking to secure funding in another country? We understand this process might be initially daunting and almost impossible at times to secure the financing of your projects. 

Yes, the process is; at times, it is challenging. Who says to procure funding is easy? When it comes to international project financing, international business financing, and international commercial business loans are a few of Hakim Saya's specialties. 
For projects outside the USA, we have a minimum $50mm (USD) funding request requirement (depending on the lender's criteria); that said, we prefer $100mm (USD) and higher funding requests (for all phases)  

For those who follow our instructions and steps, the process is relatively simple and seamless. For those who attempt to customize our steps and alter our documents to suit their own way of thinking, this may not be the place for you because most, and if not all of our lenders are under strict compliance requirements that do not allow them to stray from the guidelines that they have agreed, and abide by. 

Please note that all lenders require the borrower, project owner, or sponsor to have skin in a game, which is actual cash equity in the deal—a minimum of 20% of the Total Project Cost. Deals with no equity are entirely too speculative, and on average, deals that get approved by lenders are those with higher than average borrower equity.